Welcome to my mind

Let me start by saying: I am not a doctor of any kind. I do not pretend to have the capabilities to heal any individual. Everything within these pages is a part of me. It is raw, real, and unfiltered. It is meant to be a release, for myself and my sanity.

If you are here, then we must have something in common. Finding my way through the darkness of life has been an uphill battle to say the least. I found that through communicating what my “dark” feels like, I have been able to rebuild a significant part of me. I hope my story can do the same for you –

Thank you for being a part of my journey!

Recent Posts

Balance of Health

When you hear the word health usually the first thing that comes to mind is being sick. Health is such a loaded word. It encompasses your total being. In order to have health, you have to have a balanced health: Mind, body and spirit. Having a healthy mind is possible even with a mental illness.… Continue reading Balance of Health


I replay old memories of you in my head. Over and over, like a projector I cannot turn off. The clips are always interrupted by commercials for pain-relievers. Not the ones everyone else sees. You know, that woman who can’t take her dog for a walk because she’s crippled with migraine pain. Never fear –… Continue reading “Drowning”

That was then, this is now

One of the mantra’s that my counselor taught me was a simple phrase that packed a huge punch: That was then, this is now. I say it over and over everyday. She told me the point was to teach my mind to let go of what I cannot control. Let me give you a snapshot… Continue reading That was then, this is now

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